Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for November 7, 2019

Bike Lane War. West Roxbury residents and business owners are pushing back against the city's bike lane agenda, saying chopping car lanes out of Centre Street for bikes will starve neighborhood businesses. Under the city’s current proposed plan, the main street through West Roxbury’s main square will lose a travel lane in either direction, cutting it down to one car lane each way, with a bike lane on either side. Business owners say if customers can't get into their stores, they will go under. Are bike lanes really necessary?

Author William Martin Stops By....Master story teller and New York Times bestselling author William Martin stops by to talk about his recent book Bound For Gold., the sixth Peter Fallon adventure, epic about the California gold rush and a lost journal with a modern parallel story line. Martin has written eleven novels, a PBS documentary along with numerous book reviews, magazine articles, and a cult-classic horror movie. Get your questions ready!

Network Collusion? CBS News has reportedly fired a former ABC employee after they were informed by rival network ABC News that they suspected she was the person who leaked hot mic footage of Amy Robach venting about her spiked Jeffrey Epstein story. The woman had switched networks, but ABC executives went out of their way to tell "The Tiffany Network" that the potential leaker was now on their staff roles. Is this collusion?

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