Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for November 13, 2019

Let the Impeachment Games Begin!!! The House Oversight Committee impeachment hearings began today with Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio taking the lead cross examination of Ambassador William Taylor, the democrats star witness against the President on charges of withholding US aid to Ukraine in order to leverage an investigation into political rival former Vice-President Joe Biden. Did you watch any of the proceedings? Did either side score any points?

Governor Deval Moves One Step Closer. Associated press is reporting former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is running for the oval office. It’s been five years since Patrick last held elective office and as of yet has no organization in New Hampshire or Iowa. He has until Friday to file for the New Hampshire primary. Is his decision good news?

Fired Broadcaster Don Cherry Stands By His Remarks. Former Boston Bruins head coach and recently fired Canadian sportscaster Don Cherry says he didn’t mean to say anything hateful when he criticized people who were not wearing poppy pins to mark Canada’s Remembrance Day. Cherry was a fixture on "Hockey Night in Canada" for over 38 years and says he stands by his comments. Should he have been let go?

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