Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for November 19, 2019

Boston Is Congestion Central. According to a Spotlight series in the Boston Globe, Boston is the bad traffic capitol of the country. Their data shows that in the past 5 years, every major commuting thoroughfare, from the south, west, or north has been crippled with hundreds of thousands of additional drivers which have at the very least doubled the average commute. How long is your drive to work?

Impeachment Malaise. Have you watched any of the three days of impeachment hearing testimony at the Intelligence committee on Capitol Hill? Will you watch any? Would you if President Trump testified?

Angel Moms Given The Heave Ho By Facebook. Mary Ann Mendoza, an "angel mom" whose police officer son was killed by a drunk driver that was illegally in this country, had her Facebook postings removed and her donation button disabled for writing about illegal immigration. She was banned last July from Twitter for the same reason.Facebook says she violated their “Community Standards on hate speech. What would you like to say to the guardians of social media?

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