Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for November 21, 2019

No More Gas Stoves in Brookline? The Town of Brookline voted last night to ban the installation of oil and gas pipes in new buildings as well as in extensive renovations of existing buildings — the first such prohibition in Massachusetts. They say the effort is aimed at reducing a major source of emissions contributing to climate change. Are they forward thinking or crazy? Do you think the court papers challenging this measure are already being drawn up?

The Salvation Army Is Under Fire.The Salvation Army is on the defensive after Chick-fil-A announced this week that it's charitable foundation will no longer donate to the organization apparently yielding to intense political pressure by the LGBTQ community even though the 154-year-old organization doesn’t consider sexual orientation in hiring, currently provides the same benefits to opposite-sex and same-sex couples and specifically invites sexual minorities to avail themselves of its shelter, job-training, food, substance-abuse and suicide-prevention programs. They have a shelter in Las Vegas specifically for transgender people. Are they just the latest victim in a war against Christian organizations?

The Epstein Mystery.Last night the Queen of England stripped her second son, Prince Andrew, of his royal duties and its attendant income in an effort to contain the fall-out from the duke's disastrous interview about his years of friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The prince is just one of a series of high-profile people that have been linked to Epstein leading to a number of conspiracy theories as to whether the child molester committed suicide earlier this year while being held in a New York jail or was murdered to keep him quiet. What do you think happened to Jeffrey Epstein?

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