Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for November 25, 2019

Protest Melee at the Harvard Yale Game. 42 protesters were charged with disorderly conduct after taking the field at half-time during Saturday's televised football game between archrivals Harvard and Yale. Activists held banners on climate change, Puerto Rican debt relief and China’s treatment of Uighurs. A number of protesters held the field for almost an hour delaying the game and were arrested then released.What should happen to those arrested: jail time or a slap on the wrist?

Has Elizabeth Warren Peaked? Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., told a school choice activist in Atlanta that she had sent both of her children to public school. According to her campaign that was not true. A 1986-87 yearbook from the private Kirby Hall School shows Warren's son Alex in attendance.Then the Senator's rally in Atlanta was disrupted by protesting school choice activists who eventually forced the presidential candidate to turn to Rep. Ayanna Pressley for help. Have Elizabeth Warren's presidential aspirations hit a road block?

Are Democrats Starting to Regret the Impeachment Hearings?According to Washington Post reporter Rachel Bade democrats are getting “cold feet” about impeachment as public opposition to the proceeding is growing. Moderate Democrats from reddish-purple districts are getting blitzed with anti-impeachment ads and their response has been less than robust. Impeachment ranked last in a list of 11 government priorities among independents in a recent Politico poll. Will there be a vote or will the democrats walk away?

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