Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for November 26, 2019

Mayor Marty Walsh is in the House. Boston's very own Mayor, Marty Walsh joins us in studio to catch up on bike lanes, new housing opportunities for homeless youth, and the war against Opioid addiction. Also joining us will be Darrell Jones who was found not guilty of the murder that sent him to prison for 32 years. Get your questions ready!

Is Deval Patrick Unprepared? According to a Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll half of likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire say they won’t consider voting for former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick because he waited too long to jump into the race for the White House. Then at a campaign stop in the granite state yesterday, Patrick referred to a rape committed by his brother-in-law as a "lapse." Is the former Governor not prepared for the big show?

Should Politics be Forbidden at the Thanksgiving Table? Dan says no way. Wear your MAGA, Warren or Sanders hat with pride and be ready to take on all comers from Grandma to Uncle Fred to your little niece or nephew! Are political discussions off the table for your holiday dinner?

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