Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for November 28, 2019

Nancy Shack is in for Dan.

Banned In Boston: Menthols. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker this week signed into law a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco and vaping products, making the Bay State the first to enact such stringent controls. Convenience and tobacco stores are up in arms. Are the public safety concerns greater here than the economic hardships faced by small business which will have to move or be ruined by the new law?

Traffic, Traffic Everywhere...In response to a Boston Globe Spotlight series, local leaders are proposing a number of possible solutions to the now nationally infamous traffic congestion here in Boston. Proposals range from congestion tolls to higher gas taxes to giving up your car. Do you have any fixes for the problem? Are you willing to give up your car?

What Was the Best Part of Thanksgiving This Year? The turkey carcass is in the fridge or the soup pot, the dishes are washed and your family has gone home. Did your favorite dish make it onto the table? How about the one you detest the most? What was the best part of this year's Thanksgiving for you?

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