Officials Plan To Renumber More Highway Exits Along RI, Mass. Border

Rhode Island exit renumbering

(Rhode Island Department Of Transportation)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Highway exit numbers in Rhode Island are changing along Interstate 195 from Providence to the Massachusetts border.

Rhode Island’s transportation department says it will start to change the numbers Monday as part of its multi-year program to update highway numbering for interstates and other limited-access highways.

The new numbers correspond to mile markers. Temporary signs will be added to show the old exit number.

Rhode Island is among the last states to change to this method of numbering highways, which is required by the federal government. The numbers currently in use were assigned sequentially.

Transportation officials say they’ll also upgrade faded and deteriorated guide signage as needed.

The latest contract will also renumber Route 10 and Route 37 by the end of the year, after I-195.

More information isonline.

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