Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for December 3, 2019

Massachusetts EBT Cards Go on Vacation. According to a Boston Herald review of the 2 million Massachusetts EBT expenditures for 2019, thousands are being used in out of state transactions that include places like Hawaii's Waikiki Beach and the Las Vegas Strip. Under the guidelines for the state's Department of Transitional Assistance, the benefits are intended for the needy and hardship cases in Massachusetts. Does it bother you that welfare recipients can use your tax dollars to go on vacation?

Weather Snafus..... The first winter storm of the season is wreaking havoc on planes, trains, ferries and cars across New England. A commuter rail coach car detached while leaving South Station yesterday morning during rush hour with passengers on board. A Boston Harbor ferry tried to make the trip across at the beginning of the storm when high winds and waves sent both chairs and people flying across the decks while a group of passengers at Logan airport were stuck in a waiting to board holding pattern for over 15 hours. How did you weather the storm?

Kamala Harris Drops Out of the Presidential Race. Who is Next? Senator Kamala Harris of California dropped out of the Democratic presidential race today after months of low poll numbers. Will former Vice-President Joe Biden be next after a series of out of touch comments and odd missteps?

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