Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for December 10, 2019

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson Stops By....Sheriff Hodgson is in studio to comment on Boston's new status as a sanctuary city, recent criticism of the leniency of Bristol County judges and of course illegal immigration. Get your questions for the Sheriff ready!

Democrats Announce Articles of Impeachment Against the President. After much hullabaloo and televised hearings, House Democrats today announced two articles of impeachment against President Trump declaring he “betrayed the nation” with his phone call to the Ukraine. Have any of these proceedings changed your mind about anything to do with the President?

The Politicizing of a Nativity Scene.At Dedham's St. Susanna Parish they are using a nativity scene to further a political dialogue on the environment. Under a banner reading " God so loved the world'...Will we?", Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph are presented surrounded by a rising ocean with submerged trash and animals and plastic bottles floating by the manger. Is this appropriate?

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