Salem Mayor Slams Trump's Comparison Of Impeachment Inquiry To Witch Trials

Salem mayor Kim Driscoll

(Kim Driscoll/Twitter)

SALEM, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Salem mayor Kim Driscoll tasked President Donald Trump to "learn some history" after he compared the impeachment inquiry to the Salem witch trials.

Trump made the comparison in a six-page letter sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday, saying "more due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem witch trials."

Driscoll sent out a tweet quoting a segment of Trump's letter, fact-checking the president's historical perspective.

The Salem mayor went on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon to elaborate on her tweet.

"The whole point of the trials was that there was no rule of law, and you’re talking about fairly marginalized people who were accused victims," Driscoll said. "They were women, they were elderly, they were poor, anyone who was different or odd in any way shape or form. Versus 2019, we’ve got expressions of wrongdoing, we’ve got transcripts, we’ve got a rule of law – in fact, the most important rule of law, the Constitution of the United States – that’s serving as a guide."

Driscoll went on to say Trump's comparisons could be seen as offensive to the descendants of the witch trials' victims.

“It’s really disheartening,” she said. “You never think you have to retell this history to a leader of this country, but to see both the president and his supporters using the witch trials is offensive to the descendants, those victims. Their legacy is being twisted in this way to sort of portray an innocent victim, when in fact, we’re going to have a pretty fair process.”

Articles of impeachment against the president are set to be debated and voted on in the House on Wednesday.

WBZ NewsRadio's James Rojas (@JamesRojasWBZ) reports

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