Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for January 2, 2020

Jordan is in for Dan!

Distracted Driving Law.On February 23, Massachusetts will prohibit the use of electronic devices by operators of motor vehicles and bikes unless the technology is hands-free. Governor Charlie Baker said about the new law, “Operators driving a car should not be holding a phone to text, check social media or email.”Jordan discusses the new law being put into effect this year.How will this affect you?Will the roads be safer?Call the show and join the conversation!

Minimum Wage on the Rise in 2020.Massachusetts continues its climb towards a $15 minimum raise by the year 2023 by raising the minimum wage for 2020 to $12.75.The increase took effect yesterday and will see a rise to $13.50 next year, $14.25 in 2022 and finally $15 in 2023.Jordan discusses minimum wage and takes your calls.Will his help your livelihood?Does this affect your small business?Join the discussion!

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