How Do We Shame The Shameless?

Ice through windshield burlington

(Massachusetts State Police)

Opinion editorial by WBZ NewsRadio political analyst Jon Keller

BURLINGTON, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — It happened on Route 3 in Burlington late yesterday morning, every driver’s worst nightmare.

According to police, four people in a vehicle were hurt, one seriously, when the ice pack on top of a moving truck from New Hampshire flew off the roof and destroyed the windshield of the vehicle behind it.

Aerial video of the damage shows it’s a miracle no one was immediately killed. And the extent of the apparent negligence here is truly breathtaking.

New Hampshire and other points north and west got hit with snow and ice in the early-week storm that dumped rain on Boston. But it was all over by midday Tuesday; this horrific event occurred 48 hours later, ample time for any responsible car or truck owner to remove the hazard from their roof.

We will see what the official facts here turn out to be, but if that company is proven to be at fault, we can only hope every book in the law library gets thrown at them.

Public shaming, like the kind I’ve been doing ad nauseum on this topic for years now, apparently has its limits. It seems not everyone is capable of being shamed, and changing their shameful behavior as a result.

There’s only so much the cops can do about it. They have been stepping up enforcement, but it’s surely just a drop in the bucket.

We pray for a quick recovery for the injured in this latest fiasco.

But you wonder how much more damage we’ll see this winter from the ignorant behavior of people who just don’t give a damn.

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