Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for January 16, 2020

Epidemics and Vaccinations. Nearly half of a Hudson elementary school’s students are absent from school this week after an outbreak of the flu. Last year after a measles outbreak, the state of New York passed a bill ending all non medical exemptions to immunization, but the same bill was defeated in New Jersey this week. Are anti-vaccine activists creating a dangerous situation in our schools?

Reaching the Boiling Point in D.C. Today in a Capitol Hill hallway, Republican Sen. Martha McSally called a CNN reporter a “liberal hack” in front of a gaggle of reporters. After the democratic debate in Iowa this week Sen. Elizabeth Warren snapped at Sen Bernie Sanders about calling her a liar, a moment picked up by CNN microphones. Between the election and the impeachment, are tempers being frayed past the point of no return?

You Can Have The Pledge Of Allegiance When You Pry it From my Cold Dead Hands.....A North Carolina county board of elections did an about face today after refusing requests to add the Pledge of Allegiance to its agendas — and for threatening to arrest people recited it anyway. Mounting national criticism for the policy was partially responsible for the reversal according to the Board of Elections Chair. Should it ever be against the rules to recite the Pledge?

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