Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for January 23, 2020

State Pensions Running Amok. Massachusetts has the highest per capita public debt burden in the nation — and it’s only getting bigger as state pensions keep climbing. Former Massachusetts Comptroller Tom Shack joins Dan to talk about the latest pension report which shows over 1,400 retired state workers are raking in six-figure pension payouts. Is our pension system ruining our credit rating and destroying our ability to borrow money for major projects?

New Rules for Birth Tourism. Starting tomorrow, the federal government is implementing a new policy restricting foreign nationals’ entry into the country to give birth on US soil in order to ensure their children become American citizens, aka "birth tourism." Jessica Vaughn from the Center for Immigration Studies joins us to discuss the impact of the new rule.

Impeachment Boredom. It looks like TV viewership is down for the impeachment trial from last fall’s impeachment hearings. Members of the Senate are leaving the proceedings early and have been banned from bringing cell phones on to the chamber. Are you bored with the Impeachment of President Trump? Have you watched any of the coverage?

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