Tom Brady Holds Q&A Session On His Instagram Story

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Wednesday afternoon Tom Brady held a question & answer session on his Instagram story. Brady started it off by asking his fans "What do you want to know about my training regimen?"

Responses soon started to come in, with most of the questions sticking to the topic of the TB12 method, inquiring about stretching, what to eat, how much sleep does one need,cheat meals, and beginner work out tips.

Until the 11th question, which asked "What team u playing for next year??"

Brady stares into the camera with a slightly puzzled look on his face, signaling that he doesn't know. Or at least he doesn't want to say.

It should be noted that Brady himself chooses what questions get posted out of the likely thousands of questions he received in the 10 minute session, so while he didn't give answer, it is interesting that he acknowledged it publicly.

Since the Super Bowl ended, many people in the national media have been throwing out potential landing spots that haven't previously been mentioned.

On Wednesday, radio host Colin Cowherd suggested the Dallas Cowboys would be a fit because Brady in a Cowboy uniform "looks right" and they have the "weapons" TB12 needs in the form of running back Ezekiel Elliot and wide receiver Amari Cooper.

Another reason for Dallas as a landing spot according to Cowherd, is that when star quarterbacks switch teams, it's usually to a previously unthought-of location (Peyton Manning going to Denver).

He went on a nearly six-and-a-half minute rant on the topic.

Another potential landing spot that has been mentioned for Brady, is the San Francisco 49ers. Yes, the same team that just played in the Super Bowl and was leading by 10 points in the 4th quarter.

To make this happen, San Francisco would cut Jimmy Garoppolo and replace him with his mentor, while also making Tom Brady's football journey come full circle, returning to play for his hometown team and getting to wear the same jersey as his boyhood idol, Joe Montana.

FS1's Skip Bayless lays out the plan:

Both of those historic franchises would make for interesting destinations for Brady, but the general consensus still is that he returns to New England.

WBZ NewsRadio's Dan Watkins (@DanWatkinsRadio) reports

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