Have You Heard This North Shore Barista's Amazing Voice?

MARBLEHEAD, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — A barista on the North Shore is wowing customers simply by talking to them.

25-year-old Aric Boyd has worked at a Starbucks in Marlbehead for about six months. He tells WBZ NewsRadio's Carl Stevens that customers regularly ask him to repeat everything he says, just so they can hear his astoundingly low voice again.

Boyd says he has "no idea" where he got his incredibly deep vocals, since no one else in his family speaks at a sub-bass level like he does.

Boyd says the most common question he gets at work is whether or not he sings, and when he says no, people encourage him to take it up.

In fact so many people mention singing that he says he's thinking about taking lessons in the future.

"I've been considering taking signing lessons," Boyd said. "Another woman came in the other day and gave me a number for a signing professional from some place in Waltham."

(WBZ NewsRadio/Carl Stevens)

Plenty of people want to hear Boyd do more with his voice than just ask for their coffee order. "There's even a few people that come in and they're like; 'I'm going to be your agent'," Boyd said. "I find it comical and flattering.... and very surprising indeed."

Boyd says he's not sure what he will do with his notable voice in the future, but he has given voice acting a shot in the past. "I tried to do a little bit of voice acting online. It didn't seem like the right outlet to begin though... You can say you have a deep voice, but without the training in the background to prove it then you're just a guy who's claiming they have a deep voice."

WBZ NewsRadio's Carl Stevens (@CarlWBZ) reports:

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