This Week's Weird News

Pigeons outfitted with MAGA hats, a human brain seized by border patrol agents, and a new twist in the case of missing flight MH370 are among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

In an unsettling update to a modern mystery, Australia's former prime minister Tony Abbott revealed this week that, shortly after flight MH370 went missing, he was told by Malaysian officials that they considered the incident to be a case of murder-suicide perpetrated by the pilot. Specifically, he said that "it was understood at the highest levels that this was almost certainly" the cause for the aircraft vanishing. Although he was skeptical of any cover-up on the part of the Malaysian government, Abbott expressed concern that the theory may not have been taken into account by search teams looking for the lost airliner.

A very weird trend that has emerged over the last few months involves cases of pigeons being outfitted with hats. Initially seen in Las Vegas back in December and then in Reno after the start of the new year, this week saw a third incident occur which took things to an even stranger level as a self-described 'underground radical group' released a slew of pigeons wearing MAGA hats. Unlike those prior events, in this instance the anonymous organization insisted that the stunt was done in a relatively humane fashion and that the caps were affixed to birds' heads using eyelash glue.

By far the most bizarre story of the week unfolded at the border of Canada and the United States when officials here in America stopped an incoming mail truck for what should have been a routine inspection. However, when they noticed a package said to contain an 'Antique Teaching Specimen,' officers were curious about its contents and opened up the parcel. Much to their surprise, they discovered that it contained a human brain inside of a glass jar. Since there was no paperwork attached to the odd object, the organ is now in the hands of the CDC, who are investigating the case.

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