Here's Why Elizabeth Warren Got The Endorsement Of The Boston Globe

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The Boston Globe's editorial board has officially endorsed Senator Elizabeth Warren as the Democratic nominee for president.

The morning after Warren took repeated swings at her competition in the 11th Democratic debate, the Globe announced it would be officially backing the Massachusetts senator. "The time is right to back the best candidate in the race," the Globe's endorsement said. "That candidate is Elizabeth Warren."

Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren Speaks At Clark Atlanta University

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The Globe's endorsement follows four other newspapers announcing their support for Warren; Iowa's Storm Lake Times, The Des Moines Register, The Austin Chronicle, and The New York Times (which co-endorsed Warren and Senator Amy Klobuchar.)

"One candidate stands out as a leader with the qualifications, the track record, and tenacity to defend the principles of democracy, bring fairness to an economy that is excluding too many Americans, and advance a progressive agenda. She would fight the corruption and corporate influence that distorts our politics, lift up working families, and combat gun violence and climate change."

While the Globe's editorial board believes Warren has the best chance of beating the incumbent, it also said any of the other top six Democratic candidates "would make a better president than the current occupant of the White House."

The Globe called Warren "fearless and brilliant on her feet," which it says would give her "the greatest potential among the candidates to lay bare Trump's weaknesses on a debate stage."

It also pointed to her efforts to right the wrongs of "reckless bankers during the financial crisis," her calls for "mandatory disclosures of presidential and vice-presidential candidates' tax returns," and her push to "secure voting rights."

The announcement also explains why the Globe did not choose the current front-runner, Senator Bernie Sanders, as their candidate of choice, which boiled down to Warren's adaptability to new ideas.


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"Unlike Senator Sanders, whose ideological adherence to his agenda often flies in the face of facts and evades precise figures, Senator Warren is willing to adapt to changing circumstances and political concerns."

It also said Sanders had "shown no ability over the course of his career to build broad legislative coalitions."

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