Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for February 28, 2020

Parking Tickets Based on Income? Councilor At-Large Julia Mejia finally introduced her proposal to the Boston City Council this week for income-based parking tickets in order to ease the financial burden on lower-income families allowing them to pay a smaller fine when they get a ticket. Mejia herself had to pay $159 worth of parking tickets before she could take office. Is this only fair or should parking penalties be the same for everyone?

Massachusetts is in the midst of a bad flu season. On top of the international scare over the Coronavirus, Massachusetts is facing it's highest "influenza-like illness" activity in the last 10 years! Dr. Larry Madoff, Medical Director for the DPH Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences, shines a light on the seriousness of both the Coronavirus and the Flu.

Joey Voices in the House! Impressionist and singer Joey Voices joins Dan in studio. Joey has performed in Las Vegas and travels across America with his one man show that leaves them laughing in the aisles. He is also the author of the new book "Good Things Are Supposed to Happen to YOU!" Call in with your suggestions for an impersonation!

It's the 20th Hour and Time For Brushes With Celebrities! It's the last hour of the week and Dan wants to know what your most memorable brush with a celebrity was; whether it’s from the screen, stage, sports or maybe just the infamous. Was it good, bad, or just funny?

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