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A creepy doll that washed ashore in Florida, the solution to a mystery surrounding a previously indecipherable inscription found in France, and a wild plan to combat locusts in Pakistan using 100,000 Chinese ducks were among the strange, unusual, and enlightening stories to cross our desk this week.

In a relatively rare instance of a longstanding mystery being solved, it was announced this week that a contest aimed at deciphering a centuries-old heretofore-unreadable message inscribed into a rock in France had proven successful with not one, but two winners being crowned. Located in the village of Plougastel-Daoulas, the puzzling stone had confounded experts until last year when the community announced a sizeable $2,250 prize to whoever could decode the writing. Among the 61 entrants, two people managed to figure out that the message was a memorial to a man who had been lost at sea.

While we've seen all manner of strange and unusual objects and creatures wash ashore in various places over the years, this past week provided perhaps the most bizarre item of them all in the form of an unsettling hand-crafted doll bearing human teeth! The unnerving six-legged totem was discovered by a man walking along a beach near Cape Canaveral. Fearing that it may have been a voodoo doll, he promptly tossed the object, which was crafted out of coconut shells and had feathers affixed to it, back into the ocean in the hopes that any dark energy attached to it did not wind up sticking to him.

By far the weirdest story from this past week came by way of China, where an agricultural expert told a media outlet that the country planned to send a whopping 100,000 ducks to Pakistan in order to combat a devastating outbreak of locusts. When word of the wonderfully odd plan popped up online, the story understandably went viral on both Chinese social media and in the English-speaking world. Sadly, a different agricultural official in China quickly stepped forward to squash the idea, noting that the waterfowl would not fare very well in the arid conditions of Pakistan, thus depriving us of what sounded like a truly epic showdown between millions of locusts and 100,000 ducks.

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