The Republican Endorses Bill Weld As The GOP Nominee

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — A right-leaning Massachusetts newspaper has endorsed the state's former Governor Bill Weld as the 2020 Republic nominee.

The Republican announced its decision to back Weld over the incumbent President Trump on Sunday.

"Given how sleepy has been the GOP's nominating contest, this may well come as actual news for many folks," the editorial said. "It shouldn't, though, especially for those who are unhappy with President Donald Trump's choke hold on the once-Grand Old Party."

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Weld was a popular Massachusetts Governor first elected in 1990, and then again in 1994.

The Republican said if Weld can do well in Massachusetts, Vermont, and Utah, he "could make folks think twice about Trump's strengths. And then we'd perhaps be looking at something of a new ballgame."

Since Massachusetts is known as a largely left-leaning state, the editorial called the state "generally liberal... with voters possessing a genuinely pragmatic streak."

For that reason, the op-ed said "registered Republicans, and unenrolled voters choosing a Republican ballot in Tuesday's primary, would do well to consider casting their votes for Weld."

Another reason the Republican said it was backing Weld was to steal the headlines and change the game plan ahead of the November general election.

"Imagine [Weld] comes away with a win," it said. "[It] would generate headlines across the land. 'Weld in Bay State Shocker.' 'Trump Teeters in Massachusetts.' 'A President on the Ropes?' It's perhaps only a fantasy for the anti-Trump set, but it's one worth having."

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