Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for March 6, 2020

It's Still Just One in Massachusetts! Massachusetts now has seven “presumptive positive” COVID-19 cases that are being tested by the CDC but just one confirmed case; a UMass Boston student who traveled back from Wuhan, China who is “doing well.” According to officials, the three new “presumptive positive” cases in Boston are all from a recent Biogen conference. Governor Baker says no decision has made yet on the Boston marathon or other big events. Are you worried?

Political Death Threats. The board of directors of the Pioneer City County Museum are holding an emergency meeting after the museum’s director posted a death threat on social media against all republicans saying “I hope every single one of you pieces of s*** that votes republican, dies today.” Has this type of vicious violent diatribe been made acceptable by political leaders like Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who publicly incited violence against two Supreme Court Justices earlier this week?

D-Day For Sanctuary Cities. President Trump says his administration will begin withholding funding from sanctuary cities after a federal court ruled last week that it was legal to do so.The President tweeted: "As per recent Federal Court ruling, the Federal Government will be withholding funds from Sanctuary Cities. They should change their status and go non-Sanctuary. Do not protect criminals!". Is this a good thing?

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