Charlestown Power Plant Workers Strike Over Public Safety Concerns

CHARLESTOWN, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Workers at the state's largest power plant are going on strike to let the public know about allegedly dangerous conditions at the plant in Charlestown.

Employees of Exelon Mystic Generating Station on Alfred Street say they were essentially forced by the company to go on strike over concerns for public safety.

Representatives say Exelon has lowered its safety standards, and workers are sounding the alarm to tell the public that they feel the company has repeatedly cut corners and deferred important maintenance upgrades at the plant.


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"We're dealing with high-pressure gas, high-pressure steam, ammonia-fueled gas -- many highly poisonous materials that require a high degree of expertise and experience," Craig Pinkham, President of the Utility Workers Union of American Local 369 said in a press release. "It is reckless for Exelon not to recognize this, or it would seem, not to care."

"Workers at the plant believe that Exelon is operating the plant right now in a manner that runs contrary to public safety," Pinkham said.

Strikers are now pacing outside the 2,001 megawatt fossil power plant where they are planning a press conference at 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

Rep. Joe Kennedy III is among those expected to speak, along with AFL-CIO President Steve Tolman, Greater Boston Labor Council President Darlene Lombos, and UWUA Local 369 President Craig Pinkham.

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