Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for March 9, 2020

Sports Venues and Coronavirus. Sporting events are being canceled across the country because of Coronavirus fears, including the Indian Wells tennis tournament in California. The NBA recently sent out a memo discussing the possibility of playing games without fans or media as a preventative measure to stem the spread of COVID-19, a step already taken by sports leagues in Europe. Enter NBA star LeBron James, who says if there are no fans, he is not playing. Do you agree with LeBron?

Governor Sununu Talks Coronavirus. New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu joins Dan to discuss how the state is handling and preparing for being hit by the Coronavirus. The latest report is that the state has two new confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Game Changers. CNN is hosting the next democratic debate on March 15th between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders after the Democratic National Committee changed the qualification criteria to exclude the only other candidate in the race, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii. Additionally, both the DNC and CNN are now considering changing the style of the debate to Joe Biden's preferred sitting Townhall format. Is this fair to Bernie Sanders? Does this echo what happened to Bernie Sanders back in 2016?

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