Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for March 24, 2020

Expert Medical Advice. Epidemiologist Dr. Nadia Abuelezama, a Professor and researcher from Boston College who specializes in infectious diseases joins Dan to talk about…you guessed it, COVID - 19. Tune in for the latest information.

The President's Townhall. The President held a town hall today for two hours to answer all your Coronavirus questions. Joe Biden says he is not acting like a war time President and the main-stream media says he is not giving us accurate information. Has the President handled the crisis well?

Olympics Postponed. Japanese Prime Minister Abe says IOC president agrees the summer Tokyo Olympics should be pushed back a year. This after, multiple countries including Canada said they would not send athletes to the games if held this summer. Was this the responsible thing to do or an overreaction?

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