Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for March 27, 2020

Governors ask travelers to quarantine. Governors all over the country are asking travelers upon entering their state that they must self-quarantine. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced Friday afternoon that all travelers arriving in the state are being asked to self-quarantine for 14 days to help prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Do you applaud the Governor for this preventative measure?

More masks, fewer pillows. CEO and Founder of My Pillow, Mike Lindell will be chatting with Dan about his company’s production change to aid in the Coronavirus relief efforts. Will more companies follow suit with aiding in relief efforts?

20th Hour: Tell Us Something Good That Happened to You This Week... Let's end the week on a positive note! What is something positive you did or that happened to you this week despite all the Coronavirus negativity?

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