Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for April 2, 2020

Why Isn't Recreational Marijuana Considered Essential Like Alcohol? Curaleaf CEO Joe Lusardi joins Dan to discuss the fact that the Baker Administration won't classify recreational marijuana as an essential business even though alcohol stores have been deemed so and can remain open. Do you agree with the Governor's decision?

Get Out of Jail Free Card. A Boston man accused of second-degree murder in a Dorchester stabbing death gets to go home to wait for his trial because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The accused murderer has leukemia and will be under house arrest at his mother’s house. The Suffolk County D.A. objected saying the defendant’s medical issues do not outweigh the public safety concerns created by his release. Whose side are you on?

Covering the President. CNN and MSNBC have stopped airing the Trump Administration's afternoon COVID-19 press conferences claiming they don't think the President is being truthful and gives out misinformation that is harmful. Is it their job to censor the White House? Does the media have a public duty to cover the President's press conferences?

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