Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for April 3, 2020

Get Out of Jail Free Card. A Boston man accused of second-degree murder in a Dorchester stabbing death gets to go home to wait for his trial because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The accused murderer has leukemia and will be under house arrest at his mother’s house. The Suffolk County D.A. objected saying the defendant’s medical issues do not outweigh the public safety concerns created by his release. Whose side are you on?

A Doctor Lives To Tell The Tale... Dr. David Hanscom of Seattle, one of the original pandemic hot spots in the U.S.,was infected with COVID-19 and has come out the other side of the illness with firsthand knowledge of what the Coronavirus feels like and what symptoms to look for. He joins Dan to answer your questions!

20th Hour: Tell Us Something Good That Happened to You This Week...let's end the week on a positive note!

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