Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for April 8, 2020

Mayor Marty Walsh With Dan. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joins us to discuss the latest Coronavirus updates, his recent advisory for a curfew, wearing masks, new hospital facilities, and whatever else you want to ask him.

To Hydroxychloroquine or Not? Dr. Mohammed A. Arsiwala is the head of the Michigan State Medical Society and the treating physician of Michigan Democratic State Representative Karen Whitsett, who says her doctor’s use of the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine in treating her stopped her coronavirus symptoms "within a couple hours." Whitsett credits President Trump's mention of the drug for making it accessible and Dr. Arsiwala's willingness to use it for saving her life. State Rep Whitsett and Dr. Arsiwala join to Dan to relay the saga.

Was Bernie Sanders Bleeped Again? Bernie Sanders ended his campaign today leaving Joe Biden as the lone Democratic contender still standing. Was Bernie shortchanged again by the Democratic establishment? Should the democrats just stop the primaries now, forgo the convention, and just anoint Joe Biden as their candidate?

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