Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for April 9, 2020

D.A. Rachael Rollins Checks In. Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins has a lot to deal with during the Coronavirus stay at home advisory including the release of inmates in order to protect them from catching COVID-19. One in particular has the D.A. fighting mad. Rachel Rollins joins Dan to answer your questions about the case.

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson on Release of I.C.E. Detainees. Illegal immigration detainees in Bristol County deemed by ICE to be dangerous were released by a federal judge due to Coronavirus concerns. Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson joins Dan to voice his opposition to the judge's decision saying the answer to the virus spread in jail is not to put criminals back into the community.

Skyrocketing Unemployment! 6.6 million more Americans filed new claims for unemployment this week. While that number is down from last week, new claims were down from a week earlier, they remain at unprecedented levels. In Massachusetts a staggering 467,457 residents have filed since mid-March. Have you been furloughed or laid off? Has anyone in your house? The President says we will rebound. Do you believe him?

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