Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for April 20, 2020

Sen Ed Markey Checks In... Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey joins Dan during his virtual campaign to keep his seat. The Senator has all the news from Washington as Congress tries to reconcile another COVID-19 stimulus package.Get your questions ready!

Who Is at Fault? Sen. Chris Murphy, (D-CT) is accusing President Trump of shifting blame for the extent of the Coronavirus pandemic onto China and the World Health Organization instead of accepting responsibility. On the program to discuss is Claudia Rosett, formerly a journalist of the Wall Street Journal who covered China and Russia, who is now working with the Independent Women's Forum. Is the Senator right in his assertion that the President is deflecting responsibility or is he playing politics and trying to shield China's role in the pandemic?

Has Hell Frozen Over? Real Time star, progressive comedian Bill Maher, says the media needs to stop with the “panic porn” and fear mongering. This after last week's rant against the PC police arguing that it should be perfectly OK to refer to Coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus.” The President was excoriated for making the same argument. Maher says his fellow liberals have fallen off a cliff if they value a possible insult more than their lives. Do you agree?

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