Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for April 27, 2020

Mask Patrol. Governor Charlie Baker says masks will be a big part of the Massachusetts guidelines for reopening our economy yet not everyone is on board with covering their face in public. According to the Boston Herald, Boston's resident complaint website is now full of posts from citizens complaining about people not wearing masks and standing too close to each other. Do you wear a mask? Would you rat someone out who did not?

Is China at Fault? The Trump Administration is laying the blame for the Coronavirus pandemic squarely at the feet of China while Democrats say blaming China is xenophobic. Joe Battenfeld of the Boston Herald joins Dan to discuss this political fault line and what effect it will have on the general election in November.

Who Gets to Reopen First? The current great debate in the reopening conundrum is which businesses get to reopen first? The New York Post says barber shops and golf courses as long as you limit one person to a cart and don't touch anyone else's balls... Do you agree?

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