Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for May 18, 2020

Ready, Set.... Wait. Governor Baker says we will sort of start the re-opening process in Massachusetts but expect at least 3 weeks in between phases, depending on the "metrics." Is the Governor being overly cautious or is he right to take the re-opening slow? Are you back at work or do you expect to go back to work anytime soon?

Shoot Out In Broad Daylight...With a Released Felon. One of the inmates recently released from jail because of COVID-19, unloaded his gun at Boston Police in a broad-daylight shootout on Mass. Ave in Boston's South End. Police Commissioner William Gross says he is thankful that no one was hurt and is furious at the soft-on-crime judge who freed the inmate giving him an opportunity to injure law abiding citizens. Should compassionate releases be stopped?

Obama's Advice to the Class of 2020. Former President Barack streamed two commencement addresses this weekend intended for high school students and the graduates of historic black colleges. In these speeches he appeared to launch partisan attacks against the current administration. Was this appropriate?

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