Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for May 19, 2020

Table for Zero. Massachusetts restaurant owners did not get the news they were hoping for yesterday when Governor Charlie Baker announced the Bay State's re-opening plan. No hard date was given on when eateries can allow customers inside. Instead the Governor reported that they will be allowed to open to the public in Phase 2, but that date is yet to be set since it depends on health data. Reopening Advisory board member Steve DiFillippo, the owner of the Italian steakhouse chain Davio’s, joins Dan to discuss what went into the decision and how long he thinks his fellow restaurateurs will have to wait.

Small Business Rebellion. A gym owner in Oxford, MA opened his doors on Monday, despite being classified by Gov. Charlie Baker’s re-opening plan as a phase 3 business, meaning not scheduled to reopen till maybe sometime in June. Dave Blondin of Prime Fitness & Nutrition joins Dan to discuss why opening the gym against the Governor's lock down order was important.

Hydroxychloroquine for Everyone. President Trump announced yesterday that he was taking the malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine under the White House physician's care, as a preventative for COVID-19. The President's statement was met by gasps of disbelief from news anchors to fellow politicians. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not mince words saying she did not think the drug was advisable for someone who is “morbidly obese.” Would you take the drug if it were available to you?

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