Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for May 20, 2020

Tee'd Off. The Massachusetts Re-opening Board has allowed golf courses to re-open as part of phase one, well, err, sort of... Fairways are ready for frustrated golfers to return with the proper social distancing in place. What is not open are the driving ranges. Why the one place at a golf course where you are guaranteed to be standing by yourself and therefore running no risk of infection is closed is a mystery. Joining Dan to puzzle out this non sequitur is The Eagle Tribune's Executive Sports Editor, Bill Burt.

Somerville Moves at Its Own Pace. The city of Somerville, MA is following its own timeline in lifting the COVID-19 induced state of emergency. According to Mayor Joe Curtatone, construction can start phasing in, but houses of worship, hair salons, barbershops and playgrounds will stay closed for now even as they are allowed to reopen in the rest of the state. The Mayor has also announced the "Shared Streets" pilot program which restricts through traffic on a series of residential roads in order to make it easier and safer for pedestrians and cyclists while maintaining social distancing protocols. Is Somerville out of step or on target?

A Business Sanctuary City. Atwater, CA has declared itself a sanctuary city from the state's lockdown, allowing all businesses in the city to reopen. According to Mayor Paul Creighton, “This is America, where you have the choice. It’s time for the government to stop dictating another month, another three months, six months. When is it going to end? When everyone is bankrupt?” Do you support the Mayor's decision? He joins Dan tonight to discuss his reasoning behind declaring the city a “Sanctuary City”.

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