Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for May 28, 2020

Will You Need Reservations to Go to Church? The Mayor of Somerville MA is ordering all places of worship to limit attendance to 10 people, defying both Gov. Charlie Baker’s and President Trump’s Coronavirus reopening directives. Mayor Joseph Curtatone says the limit is in effect “until further notice.” Curtatone tweeted "We all need to appreciate the higher degree of difficulty of reopening in a compact urban environment.” Has the Mayor gone too far?

Are You Getting Benefits? A nationwide scam originating out of Nigeria is slowing down unemployment payments while the state Department of Unemployment Assistance implements additional identity verification steps for claimants. In Washington state, officials say millions of dollars in payments have already been siphoned off by counterfeit applicants. Another problem cropping up is government issued pre-paid debit cards which resemble loan applications. They are unwittingly being tossed out by mistake. Are you receiving your benefits?

Twitter Regulation? After being fact checked by Twitter for posting claims of vote-by-mail-fraud, President Trump warned a reckoning is coming for social media outlets that try to silence users who promote a conservative point of view. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook agreed with the President saying social media platforms shouldn’t be the “arbiters of truth.” Should Twitter and other social media outlets be regulated?

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