7-Year-Old Boy Takes Family's Car, Dies In Car Crash With Younger Brother

Two young boys lost their lives after taking their grandparents' car for a joyride. A seven-year-old boy grabbed the keys of the 2007 Buick LaCrosse and began driving through the streets of Jackson County, Missouri, with his six-year-old brother in the passenger's seat.

The young boy started driving at a high rate of speed and lost control of the vehicle as he came around a bend on a heavily-wooded road. The car traveled off the road and became airborne after hitting the ground. The car then hit a guardrail, causing it to go airborne for a second time. As the vehicle came down, it clipped a tension cable before overturning and hitting a tree. The car finally came to a stop on the road before it caught on fire.

By the time first responders arrived at the scene, the two boys were dead. Investigators said that neither of the boys was wearing a seatbelt.

Officials said they are continuing to investigate the crash.

Photo: Twitter/Jackson County Sheriff Darryl Forté

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