Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for June 4, 2020

Equal Protection. Attorney General William Barr announced today the Department of Justice was sparing no resources in investigating the killing of George Floyd. He went on to say that it is "undeniable that many African Americans lack confidence in our American criminal justice system," adding, "This must change." In Massachusetts, members of the Black and Latino Legislative Caucus have released a 10-point list of “meaningful policy changes” to address the way institutional racism has affected policing. Do you have confidence that things will change?

Disrespect. NFL quarterback Drew Brees issued an apology today for saying taking a knee during the National anthem was "disrespecting the flag." After being slammed on social media for making the mark, the New Orleans Saint now feels he "completely missed the mark" on current issues in the United States and that it broke his heart to have caused pain with his comment. Was Brees right to apologize or was he bullied into it?

Re-Education Camp. In Maryland a peaceful protest morphed into what organizers called a "Re-education Camp" in which white participants sat on the ground with their arms held high and repeated mantras to an emcee regarding how they would love their black neighbors as much as their white neighbors.Does this appear to be a reasonable answer to the problem of racism in our country?

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