Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for June 8, 2020

Powell Endorses Biden. Colin Powell endorsed Democratic former U.S. vice-president Joe Biden yesterday stating that Donald Trump’s behavior has endangered democracy. Powell is the first major Republican to publicly back Trump’s rival ahead of November’s election. The New York Times reported Former President George W. Bush and Senator Mitt Romney will not be supporting Trump's re-election and some GOP officials are also considering a vote for Joe Biden. Do endorsements really make a difference? Will these decisions influence your vote?

U.S. and Global COVID-19 Response. Federal response to the Coronavirus outbreak has been viewed as rather slow and disorganized and some states imposed more stringent restrictions with others reopening faster, and some never issuing stay-at-home orders at all. The Fletcher School Dean of Global Business Bhaskar Chakravorti joins Dan to discuss how different countries and U.S. states have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and which states have been more successful. Have you been satisfied with the current response?

Defunding The Police. George Floyd demonstrators have recently been calling for the defunding of the police. The belief is that society can survive without law enforcement. Funds originally allocated for law enforcement could then be used to support other resources within the community. Would this end the culture of punishment in the criminal justice system? Would 911 be answered by a psychologist or social worker?

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