Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for June 10, 2020

Crime and No Punishment. A man in NYC responsible for aiding two women in vandalizing Saint Patrick’s Cathedral was arrested and charged with mischief in the third degree and making graffiti, only to have the DA refuse to prosecute. Furthermore, a Christopher Columbus statue in the North End of Boston was beheaded. Thus far no punishment has been dished out for either incident. Will graffiti arrests and vandalizers get away with crimes in the name of justice?

Gone With The Wind, GONE. HBO Max, the streaming service, has pulled the classic movie, “Gone With The Wind” for what they are calling racist depictions of Black people and slavery. Additionally, amid the nationwide Black Lives Matter movement, TV shows depicting police officers have been called to be cancelled. After 31 years, the TV show “Cops” has been cancelled and is unlikely to return anytime soon. What movies or TV shows are next to get censored or banished?

The Unraveling of Minneapolis. Here to dive into the history of racism in Minneapolis regarding crime and social unrest, is Professor Mark Osler of The University of St. Thomas Law School in Minnesota. Was there a history of racism in the city long before the death of George Floyd sparked a nationwide movement?

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