Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for June 12, 2020

Clueless in Seattle. Chaos appears to be ensuing out in the Capitol Hill section of Seattle where protesters have taken over and renamed the area the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone”. Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best says it was not her decision to leave the abandoned 13th precinct as violent acts have been occurring where police cannot get to, to assist. Mayor Jenny Durkan says CHAZ is “no threat to the public” and it’s more like a “party block atmosphere”. The President of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, Mike Solan, joins Dan to weigh in on the current situation. What is going on out there in Seattle and what changes can we expect to see if any?

The Populist Movement. When President Trump was elected into office and the occurrence of Brexit happened, these historic events sent shock waves across the world. The world’s elite were confused by it and still don’t quite understand what happened. Hear to discuss his latest book: “They’re Not Listening: How The Elites Created the National Populist Revolution”, is author Ryan Girdusky.

20th Hour. Let’s end the week on a positive note! Share your good stories with us!

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