Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for June 15, 2020

Gone But Not Forgotten. Last week, the Christopher Columbus statue in the North End neighborhood of Boston was beheaded and Mayor Walsh had the city temporarily remove the statue to have its damage and historical relevance assessed. Now, the Italian American Alliance in Boston, is demanding the return of the statue as it represents a great deal to the Italian American Community. Here to discuss Boston’s Christopher Columbus statue is a representative from the Italian American Alliance, Frank Mazzaglia.

Another Week, Another Statue. Every week it appears that another statue is being called for removal. This week, the Abraham Lincoln statue in Boston’s Park Square is under scrutiny for the way it depicts a slave in shackles kneeling at Lincoln’s feet. A petition has been created with more than 7,500 signatures that calls for its removal. Should the Lincoln statue be publicly removed and placed in a museum or just removed entirely?

Homicide in Atlanta? Amid the current societal unrest over police relations with the African American community, another incident took place, this time in Atlanta, Georgia. A 27-year-old man was shot dead by police in a Wendy’s parking lot after the man resisted arrest and stole one of their tasers. His death has been ruled a homicide by the local Medical Examiner’s Office. Were police within their right to shoot or was this indeed excessive force resulting in a homicide?

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