Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for June 16, 2020

One Nation Under Reform. Today President Trump signed an Executive Order making national changes to policing in the United States. Some of the changes include: the banning of choke holds, constant assessment and improvement of police practices and policies, as well as the creation of a database by the Attorney General for the purpose of information sharing regarding reports of excessive force incidents. Here to discuss some of these changes is Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria, who is seeking to form a Regional Internal Affairs Coalition to increase the transparency of police misconduct and the processes by which they are investigated.

From The Ground Up. In a country that is crying out for police reform, the idea of reform, is nothing new for the city of Camden, N.J. In 2013 state and local officials dissolved the Camden Police Department, creating a new public safety department. The result was that crime dropped by 46% and murder by 62%. Dan is joined by Stephen Eide, a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute as well as an Opinion Columnist at the New York Post, to discuss the success of Camden. Should the rest of the country take after Camden’s example?

Play Ball? As millions are waiting to hear if Major League Baseball will resume this summer,tonight Dan talks with former MLB player and native, Mark Sweeney about the future of baseball and these current MLB negotiations. Additionally, Mark reminisces about what it’s like to be an MLB player first starting out in his career and highlights some untold baseball stories. Do you think we will have a baseball season this year?

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