Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for June 17, 2020

Cambridge Progressives Under Fire. A group of “white liberals” led by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Tribe formed a letter with 100 signatures, urging Joe Biden to choose Elizabeth Warren as his Vice President pick. It was the language told to The Washington Post regarding Biden’s pick that sparked outrage, where Tribe said: “putting a black woman on the ticket was just ‘cosmetics’”. The collective backing of Warren for Biden’s VP pick has been deemed “offensive” by people of color. Is it? Is it “clueless racism” to back Warren and not a female woman of color?

Losing Our First Amendment. Now more than ever we have entered a hot political and societal climate where people’s personal thoughts and expressions (whether it be on TV, social media, or in person) are constantly under scrutiny. This “cancel culture” has many wondering: are our First Amendment rights being taken away from us? Dan raises the question: Has political correctness morphed into full blown censorship?

School’s Out For Police. Will school resource officers soon become a thing of the past? Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell is one of the activists pushing for the removal of police from schools. Those opposed to school policing say the presence of police is part of the “cradle to prison pipeline”. Is the presence of police in our schools hurting students or helping them thrive?

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