NightSide with Dan Rea - Rundown for June 19, 2020

Juneteenth. Today marks the 155th anniversary that slavery was abolished in the United States. Governor Charlie Baker made a Proclamation today, declaring June 19, 2020 to be “Juneteenth Independence Day” in the state. Some companies have already taken measures to make today a paid company holiday. We’ll be discussing what Juneteenth means to you and whether you think this day should be made a state or even a national holiday.

The Heat Is On. Boston Police Commissioner William Gross is taking a lot of heat for meeting with Attorney General William Barr while he was visiting Boston. Barr has been widely criticized by leftists (some Boston public officials and city councilors included) for what some claim is a denial of systemic racism by him. Commissioner Gross defends his decision to meet with Barr, saying: “You shouldn’t be afraid to talk to anybody. I’ll be damned if I’m going to hide from a conversation with anyone.” Are we in danger of entering a totalitarian society?

Grace From The Rubble. In what would appear to be a very unlikely friendship, two fathers become friends after the tragedy we all know as the Oklahoma City Bombing. Dan is joined by author Jeanne Bishop who tells the story of how this tragedy brought Bud Welch, a father whose only daughter (Julie) was murdered, and Bill McVeigh, the father of her killer (Tim McVeigh) together towards the road of redemption. Hear all about this story featured in Bishop’s book: Grace From The Rubble, tonight.

20th Hour. Tell us your positive stories! What is something good that happened to you this week?

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