Ben Parker Fills In On Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for June 23, 2020

Pour Me... Nothing. In the state of Massachusetts, the reopening of bars is not set to happen until Phase 4. This applies to all bars without food service. In the meantime, as we see restaurants open back up for outdoor and now indoor dining, bar owners are left hanging their heads as their doors and registers remain closed. Local bar owner, Mike Cooley, joins Ben Parker to discuss the impact that the state lockdown has had and continues to have on bar owners.

Changing Names. As we analyze brands with racial undertones and call for the rebranding of products, team names, and now cities (such is the case for Columbus, Ohio), how about renaming a state? The state of Rhode Island is pushing to have its name changed from “Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” to just Rhode Island. Governor Raimondo signed an Executive Order this week to remove “Providence Plantations” from official documents, on agency websites, and on state employee pay stubs. Does anyone even refer to Rhode Island’s “full name”?

School’s Out For The Fall? Today the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education had a meeting regarding academics this Fall. We do not know what they laid out as official guidelines so far as things are still fluid. What types of changes can students expect to see this Fall? Will there be in-person classes or still online classes as the only option? Ben Parker is joined by the President of Lasell College, Michael Alexander, to discuss the changes.

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