Ben Parker Fills In On Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for June 25, 2020

The Person Behind The Voice. WBZ NewsRadio Anchor Jeff Brown joins Ben Parker to give you an inside look at what it’s like delivering the news daily. How are stories picked to be covered? What is it like being a news person having to deliver heavy stories? How do they tackle that? Hear an inside look, tonight!

Reopening The Schools. Massachusetts released new state guidelines for opening the schools this Fall. Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley told educators to prepare for 3 possible scenarios this new school year, which include: a full-scale return to school, a mix of in-person and remote learning or exclusive remote learning. The AFT, or otherwise known as the American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts, put out a statement against the latest reopening guidelines. Massachusetts President of the AFT, Beth Kontos, joins Ben Parker to discuss the faults with these guidelines.

Artificial Island Launched Into The Charles. To improve the quality of the water in the Charles River, an artificial island was created and launched into the Charles River by the Charles River Conservancy. Here to discuss this unique project is Executive Director of the Charles River Conservancy, Laura Jasinski.

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