Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 1, 2020

Farewell Emancipation Statue. A statue of Abraham Lincoln which has memorialized the emancipation of slaves for the past 141 years in Boston's Park Square is coming down. The Boston Art Commission has voted unanimously to remove the monument. They say the issue is the depiction of a freed slave with shackles kneeling in front of Lincoln. The Mayor says the decision was the right one after engaging in a public process that made clear people were uncomfortable with the statue. Do you agree or disagree with the statute’s removal?

Rep. Joe Kennedy Checks In... Congressman Joe Kennedy (D-MA) is challenging incumbent Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey in a primary that is only weeks away. The Congressman joins Dan tonight to talk about the campaign, the issues, the pandemic, and whatever else you want to discuss.

The Great Mask Conundrum. There has been a lot of mixed messages for people on whether to wear a mask or not. First Dr. Fauci says don’t bother then he says it’s the responsible thing to do. The media criticizes President Trump for not wearing one at the press podium while Vice-President Pence says he wears his. Nancy Pelosi wants a national order to make everyone wear a mask. Would you support a law requiring you to wear a mask everywhere but in your home?

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