Nancy Shack Fills In On Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 7, 2020

And the Blame Game Begins... Violence killed dozens of people and injured hundreds more in cities across the U.S. over the Independence Day weekend. Instead of seeing a correlation between defunding and vilifying the police and an outbreak of crime, many local officials are blaming Covid-19 and the pandemic shutdown. Who do you think is responsible for the lawlessness that is gripping our urban areas?

Trump and Bubba. President Trump suggested in a tweet yesterday that the accusation of a noose being placed deliberately in the garage of NASCAR's only black elite driver, Bubba Wallace, was a hoax and not an honest mistake. Wallace responded with a suggestion of his own, that the President was promoting hate. Is Bubba Wallace right?

The NFL and the Black National Anthem. The NFL has decreed that a black national anthem will be played before the Star Spangled Banner in week one of the NFL's 2020 season. How about an Asian American national anthem or a Native American national anthem, or an Hispanic national anthem? Can you imagine what would happen on the side lines of the football fields if a song determined to be a White national anthem was blared over the PA system? Has the NFL gone too far?

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